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A derogatory term used to describe a slapper or whore who fake tans too much. Origins are thought to be derived from two words: Jaffa (describing orange coated chocolate) and fah (a loser/fag).

Juffahs wear too much makeup, fake tan and slutty clothes, and most men find them extremely attractive, especially when they are in hoards. See the Cheerleader effect . You see, Juffahs are rarely alone; friends of juffahs are juffahs.

In the unlikely circumstance that a Juffah has none of her own near her, in an effort to make friends, Juffahs chew gum and flick their peroxided blonde hair (while they have black drawn in eyebrows), much to little prevail.

They commonly wear orange hues, which renders confusion from everyone surrounding them because they appear naked.

In short, juffah is a term to describe a female common all over australia, particularly those who believe they are cursed with Anglo Saxon Skin. They love shopping, and the best means of identifying them is by their skin colour, clothes, bleached hair and muscly boyfriends.
Three bitches are at the beach having a good time, until they look over to a large group of girls who all share very similar features.

girl 1: "check out that group of girls over there"
girl 2: "yeah, they're pretty hot"
girl 3: "they're juffahs"
girl 2: (raising an eyebrow) "juffahs?"
girl 3: "whores"
girl 1: "yeah, those juffahs are so orange they blend into the sand. i'm surprised we can even see them."
by Juffah by nature August 30, 2010
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