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A faggot kid from Cahttanooga Tennersee who complains too much and bitches if he looses at anything, especially basketball or video games.
Guy: Dude i was playing basketball and then when i found out a jubbernaught was there i quit

Other Guy: I dont blame no one likes a jubbernaught
by a nigg May 03, 2009
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A term for a disabled person in an electric/motorised wheelchair.

Used to describe the disabled person and wheelchair collectively.

An extension of the word Jubb which is a term for a disabled person and Roller-Jubb which is a disabled person in non electric/motorised wheelchair.

A play on the word Juggernaught

The bigger the disabled person and the wheelchair, the more relevant the term is.
1) That Jubber-Naught almost ran me over!

2) That Jubber-Naught has a ugly face
by Mathius-Montilius May 25, 2009
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