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a person who is kind, friendly and super sexy. Has a huge dicki and loves to fuck. Totally lovable and athletic
Lexi: Hey I spent time with Jquan yesterday
Ciara:OMG! What did you do?
Lexi:I'm not telling! Hehe
by Baby Lexi November 29, 2010
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This is a name of a man who is rare, and exceeds great importance. He is extremely intelligent and holds only seriousness on his shoulders unless around souls he cares for. He is attractive not only physically but mentally to the individuals he comes in contact with because first impressions to men who are named after this, mean a lot. He is an excellent cook, athletetc and kisser.

He strives for nothing but success and believes life is a journey worth living if you have thever right people, mentors, mindset and determination to follow it through.

Date a J'Quan, he is the shiz.
J'quan is a name of any man who is awesomesauce
by Uniqueunoia December 11, 2016
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Jquan is a nice, crazy guy who is very lovable, but shy he loves singing, dancing and playing basketball.
by JoJo Diaz August 23, 2016
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The most fattest person in whole school. A big crybaby who likes to be in the "lit" crowd but doesn't fit in for real. He likes to laugh especially at his own jokes. He lies about being a great athlete & just got a PS4.
Stop being a J'Quan all the time , you just ate 10 minutes ago
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by DC Definitions July 08, 2018
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