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Verb: Although it is not quite jizzing your pants, jozzing yourself will still likely cause you to gasp, drop whatever you are holding, and stain your favourite pair of boxers that you have had since the fourth grade and you JUST washed last night.
When Bruce Willis killed a helicopter with a car I jozzed in my pants.
by Ohverdose April 22, 2009
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Typically a Dutch joker with a strong feeling towards America. Tends to incorrectly use Dutch grammar, spelling and/or sayings in the English language. Has a remarkable sense of humour no one tends to understand, but everyone manages to laugh at. In turn, this describes a stereotypical Dutch person.

The meaning has since steered clear from its actual meaning, mostly meaning just "silly" or indicating this particular sense of humour.

Jozzer is an alternative spelling derived from Jozz.
Lol, you're such a Jozz.
by nbrick August 07, 2011
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