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Joshua Tyson - Very logical, uses thoughts before action. Will not put self in the way of harm unless for a VERY important reason. Decides actions on Probability and whether or not the risk for performing said risk is worth the payoff. The mentality of Joshua is quite shy and or timid, Joshua needs a life partner to help get off the ground and get something that needs to be done finished for if not Joshua will be stuck in a rut. Joshua like to impersonate people from popular media in his circle of friends to lighten the mood every now and then, Joshua's biggest fear is that his creativity will die, for Joshua cannot imagine life without the tools needed to experiment with different things in life. Joshua likes many things, but loves very little. It may be hard to get to know and get close to Joshua, but an overly interesting and neat person is the reward of knowing Joshua, which in itself is a fine prize.
Joshua Tyson is a example in itself, there are no people truly like Joshua.
by J.R Peppers September 25, 2011
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