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1. noun.
A word or phrase that is not colloquial language. Examples include the following: Guyganchuous, Hugeons, Most Kosh, Ricky Tic, Cheap Charlie, Jimmy-Jammy, Dunky-Dunk, Thub Nars and Nub Nuggets, Duka-Duka, Doody-Doo’s, Man-Package, My silk boxers rubbing against Jimmy-Joe, Nook-a-Nozzie, I will pee on his leg, I may be going to a naughty-naughty place, Dad-gom Dangerous, Dees, Doughts, Dessims, Dizzims, Dwims, Dwems, That thingy, Thing a ma giggy, Doo Hickie, Hootie Hoo, She has a nice pooper.

2. noun.
Words or phrases from urban dictionary used as colloquial language.
You do not understand, because he used another Joshism.
by James Bond SOON SOON KEY June 11, 2008
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