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To have a joke and a coke with. Practical laughter.
I swear I'm joshing you John!

I'm not Joshing you when I tell you, you are the only one for me and my life sucks without you!

I was Joshing about the Beavers thing really.

Did you hear those comics were joshing her/ him like that? At least she's good at taking a joke and not really going postal.

Nickleback Sucks! I'm just Joshing you man. I like that song I'd come for you. The first entry in the song gets me every time and I think about that one time with the red lights and shining down going for hrs.
by K4J4TY4th3l@ugh January 23, 2010
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Joshing You: Came from the Jewish name "Joshua" and is used to imply that you are dishonest, a cheat, or misleading. Meaning Jewish people are dishonest.
When I was in grade school many years ago, a kid got in trouble for saying "I was just joshing you". Her explanation was that it was derogatory to Jewish people from using the Jewish name "Joshua" to imply that you got cheated or misled, etc. I gathered that it meant jewish people would cheat you, lie to you, or take back what they said, and it became known as "Joshin". My teacher could have been wrong, but it made sense to me.
by stockup August 17, 2011
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