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1) A surprisingly talented (and hot) younger actor.
2) Best known for playing a drug dealing alien killer in The Faculty and then acting in a bunch of bad movies.
3) Recently more high profile actor in movies like Sin City, Lucky Number Slevin, and, supposedly, 30 Days of Night.
4) Has a voice that spontaneously causes orgasms.
The only reason to watch Wicker Park is to obsess over Josh Hartnett more than that stalker-chick.
by mneiai July 13, 2006
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Josh Hartnett...ah so many words to describe him. Hott is one of them. Sexy is another. And then there is talented. Known for his great role in The Faculty with that famous line "guaranteed to jack you up." I mean who but him could pull it off? Once the boyfriend of Scarlett Johansson but now he has moved on to some other girls for example Rihanna. Hopefully he will continue in starring on all those great movies ahead of us. Oh and by the way he was born on July 21, 1978.
Josh Hartnett is the god of the actors in Hollywood.
by Nasazile May 17, 2008
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