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Anti-American terrorist who set fire to his home with his wife and child inside, attempting to kill them both, and then proceeded to remove seats from his single-engine plane and replace them with a drum of fuel and fly said plane into a building in Austin, Texas, housing the IRS. He was killed instantly in the billowy explosion, which took one other life and injured many others.

Joseph Stack posted a whiney manifesto online the morning of the incident, blaming the Government and IRS for all his financial woes. Apparently he just wanted to be richer, and wasn't. This confuses most people as Mr. Stack owned his own business, had a very nice home, and quite obviously the means to own his own small airplane. Joseph Stack was also angry because he couldn't write off a grand piano as a "business expense."
Dude, don't go all Joseph Stack! That guy's a goddamn terrorist!
by sv722 February 20, 2010
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