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Definition of the most awesome, coolest, sexiest person in existance!

He sticks up for his friends, makes everyone feel welcome, and overall, is a very loyal guy.

Always has a witty response to a comment that can make everyone laugh. He rarely does his homework, but always manages to get A's because he is just cool like that.

Whenever something awesome happens to you, it's because Jophiel made it happen.
Teacher: "Introduce yourself to the class."

Jophiel: "I'm in a band and I like the movie Pineapple Express."

Obnoxious Student: "WOW YOU'RE IN A BAND, WHAT DO YOU PLAY??!1!1!"

*moment of silence*

Jophiel: "Music."

*class bursts into laughter*
by Mimi~ September 22, 2012
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