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Jooster it the name given to slash fictions that include the characters Jeeves and Bertie Wooster of P.G. Wodehouse novels and the television series Jeeves & Wooster, in which the two men are personified by Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie respectively. Jooster ('J' from 'Jeeves' and 'ooster' from 'Wooster') fics always include either the suggestion or actual mention of love between Jeeves and Wooster at some point in the story. Otherwise, the fictions are known only as Jeeves & Wooster fics. (Note: There are no such fics as 'Beeves'.)
Bertie simply couldn't bear it any longer. He launched himself off the sofa and stood in front of his man.

"Oh, Jeeves, dash it all, I love you!"
"I love you too, Sir." Jeeves replied, the corners of his mouth rising one-sixteenth of an inch.
"And this restorative. Why, it's absolutely topping!" Bertie shouted as he waved the emptied glass towards Jeeves.

"I endeavour to give satisfaction, Sir."

~Not taken from any existing Jooster fic. Many brilliant fics can be found at indeedsir at
by LilyV687 September 27, 2010
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