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This guy gives you Godly sex. The only man that could give you sex that feels romantic. When you do it, you have to feel the rubber and rub it first. Then he enters and you feel his slowly erecting penis. The only guy that can make you moan . It sounds more like "Unch". Then when you go home you get yelled at for sinning against the Lord. A Jonathan Almanza means to play girls by getting more money out of it than what you bargained for it. To fuck a girl so good. Then take $20 dollars out of her and lie. Jonathan is a man that will give you sex good enough to write a book about it. You could call it something like " Best Buy Orgasm". Other than that, he's the kind of playa that will rip your heart into pieces. He's got some sexy looks. Does eat a lot and loves to that's why he's fat. His girlfriend is also fat. A short Mexican named Andrea.
A Jonathan Almanza does sex in the best way.
by ChristianQueen June 04, 2018
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