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The desire to or act of destroying each and every one of The Jonas Brothers and/or their fans.

1 - This feeling is usually aquired by underground bands that could never get publicity like The Jon-Ass Brothers despite being more talented.

2 - It can also be aquired by someone that finds themself in a situation where they must talk to a Jonafied individual in a musical subject not concearning The Jonas Buttbuddies.
1 - Hey, Sean, I figured out why your band can't get famous!


Cuz everyone's too busy loving those butt buddies!

Who? Slipknot? (Yeah, I said it!)

No, The Jonas Brothers!

Ugh, but we can play circles around them! That makes me want to commit Jonacide...

2 - Hey, Tiffany, did you hear that the guy that shot John Lennon just got released on bail?

Who's John Lennon? Sounds like a JB knockoff!

(Stab, eat the body)
by Magical Leopluridon July 07, 2009
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