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Jon'Nay //a verry Beautiful Girl ,Smart ,funny ,careing and Classy she loves ppl and she verry nice but dont take her kindness for weekness she can get a lilttle crazy
Whho look at that Jon'nay mann she So finee!
by Slayed123 June 16, 2017
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something jon hackett yells to his fugly son jonny. jonny sucks fat dick and his girlfriends mom is a milf. jonny likes men and gets mad if you take a gold heavy sniper
jonnay get your fag ass down here and taste this god damn shitty muffin.
by iloveshitholes69 July 16, 2019
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Jonnay is a pretty girl that everyone wants to hang with

She has a very high temper and she gets mad quickly

She also is funny and sweet , she will always be there for the ones she love
β€œWow β€œThanks jonnay that’s so sweet of you
by Hellonearth4 June 12, 2018
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Cute brazzy bitch never scared of any hoe and gets a the niggas usually medium hight brownskin- long hair brown eyes and has a fat ass and really is a nice person talks to anyone and will be the most loyal girl every
Jonnay is so loyal and has a fat ass
by Brazzy.Bitch June 30, 2018
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