Joman is an Arabic name meaning pure, clean, white pearls found deep under the ocean. Joman is an amazing girl who loves everyone and gives them all second chances. She cannot be fooled but her emotions do get to the better of her, unfortunately. Otherwise, she is and extremely funny, daring, outgoing girl who is just purely amazing.
by Sksjxskcn November 5, 2018
A habitual seducer of women. A man who is sustaining supposedly "exclusive" relationships with multiple girls simultaneously. A is a big flirt and enjoys making woman fall head over heals in love with him, even-though he has like 10,000,00 other girl friends.

A combination of the word Joma (the man who inspired the creation of the word) and Womanizer
Origin: unsure
The girl thought she found the love of her life, but it turns out that he was a total Jomanizer.
by TeresaB. September 26, 2010