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The process in which a female is laying on a table on her back. As she lays she is eating out another female who is standing bent over her head. The female giving the oral is getting tittyfucked, while the cock doing the titty-fucking motion is also anally penetrating the female receiving the oral at the same time. While the female is getting tittyfucked and giving oral, she is being fucked. The female receiving the oral is also blowing another male which would be standing in front of her, or possibly playing her rusty trambone instead.

The Jolly Jamboree includes about 5 people. But more can be added, you just have to use your creativity!

"Hey (enter friends name here), why dont you get that bitch of yours to play her Rusty Trambone at my place, and ill invite over the rest of the marching band for a Jolly Jamboree!
by Jimmiboi February 22, 2008
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