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The Jolly Boatman is a sexual act involving 4 or more partners.Two male participants lay on their backs opposite each other with the soles of their feet touching. A female participant will then fuck one of the males, while bending over and sucking the penis of the other. Soon a rythm will be achieved where as her hips rise, her head will lower, and vice versa. This action emulates the movement of a boat on a somewhat choppy day at sea. An unlimted number of males will then masturbate onto the "boating" woman, convering her in semen. This represents salty water splashing onto the boat, hence making her "jolly".
"Mate, did you get with that girl?" "Yea, i went back to hers and did a Jolly Boatman. It was sweet"

"I did a Jolly Boatman to your mum last night with your Dad,3 brothers, and Grandad. It was sweet"

"I think i might have gotten AIDS when i did that Jolly Boatman. It was worth it though,cause it was sweet"
by Rad1234 February 20, 2009
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