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When someone is so attracted to the concept of the Joker from the Dark Knight film that they get physically turned on, this leads to them wanting there sexual partners to become more like Heath Ledgers Joker, making them wear make-up or even giving them there own Chelsea Smile, after this they are mounted and ridden for hours on end until the person who actually did the Jokerfacing is worn out.
Man 1, Oh god, He has been Jokerfaced!
Man 2, Oh No....but I bet he enjoyed the sex

Woman 1, Oh my god I just Jokerfaced that guy!
Woman 2, You are sick!...But how was it anyway?
by Snikket-Ewak March 21, 2009
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When a male gets a red ring around his mouth, resembling that of the smeared lipstick of Batman's Joker, from eating out a girl while she's menstruating rese
Dude 1: Are you going to a Halloween party, dude? That's a sweet Joker face you have going...
Dude 2: No man, my girlfriends on her rag....
by Magenta Tiger April 01, 2009
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when you go to perform oral sex on a girl who is on her period, has a tampon in and you pull out the tampon with your teeth, shake it back and forth, "painting" a jokers smile on your face. You can make it more fun by growling while you do it...
Erich went down on his bitch while she was on the rag..pulled out the tampon with his teeth, started to growl and shook it back and forth to "paint" a joker smile on his him a joker face.
by mister funny man June 26, 2010
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When a guy jizzes all over a girl's face then slaps her across her right and left cheek with his cock leaving red marks on her face resembling the famous joker smile and then says..."Why so serious?"
Jamie said, "I gave Liz a joker face last night".
by Flappy Wappy January 17, 2009
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When one, preferably male, individual decides during the process of lovemaking to find his/her way down to a female partners lady area. After making his/her arrival and a horrific discovery, this individual will notice a red smile around their mouth, hence, the jokerface. This bloody smear will be strangely similar to the makeup worn by the joker in numerous batman films.
Dude, did you hear that Dan got totally jokerfaced last night?

Eww gross! J-j-j jokerfaced j-j jokerfaced!! oh, oh oh oh, oh. What an awful experience! I wish I saw his joker face.
by my my my joker face October 08, 2010
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