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A Joke that you don't get straight away. Two or three seconds is an ideal Fuse length.
Me "What's the best thing about having sex, with twenty eight year old partners?"

You "Dunno"

Me "There are twenty of them."

You "..................................."Jokebomb, You horrible cunt!"
by BadBeast December 04, 2009
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It's a joke bomb when you hear the joke and don't laugh right away... but a minute later boom you are laughing your head off.

It's a delayed reaction. You hear the joke and you don't react that it isn't funny, you just experience a delayed reaction, either laughing or by saying "OMG I get it!" - just doesn't twig right away.

Comedian: PUNCHLINE.

Audience: Laughs.

You: Silent..
You: Sudden guffaw...
Friend: Ha HA - Joke Bomb!
by annamaryse November 30, 2007
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