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Small college in the middle of no where .. aka Vermont. Population of students is small, about 2,000. Consists of stoners, skateboarders, snowboarders/skiers, drama/theater people and dancers .... and anime club.

Campus is beautiful in the summer and fall and if you like snow then this is the place for you. Snow hangs around till early to mid spring.

The food (called Shwag - Shit We All Get) is decent on some days, other days it'll cause you to shwoop (shwag poop). This is very common with incoming freshman who are not used to shwag's effects on the human stomach.

Classes are mostly laid back so after a day of 3 classes, one can usually do nothing for the rest of the day and smoke a bowl with your friendly neighborhood badger mascot.
by JohnnyPatches March 20, 2011
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