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A term more commonly used in the South or in other countrified areas. It means to go the looooooongest way possible in the history of mankind in order to get to ones destination. Its as opposite as you can get from a short cut. Its taking the longest route ever imaginable. Usually used in the sentence "going around Johnny's barn"
1. They closed down the bridge so instead of walking my normal 5 minute route I had to walk all the way around Johnny's freakin barn and it took like 2o minutes.

2. I should have gotten there in 10 minutes but my GPS doesn't know how to use side roads so instead it took me all around Johnny's barn and I got there really late
3. Dang, why did it take you so long to get here? Did you walk all the way around Johnny's barn? Geez.

4. Daily workout? Just walk around Johnny's barn.
by PrincipalWinchester May 12, 2016
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