When a straight man sees another man that is so cute, he would go gay for that one particular man.
Johnny Depp is so freakin' cute, I would totally turn gay for him. I think I'll diagnose him with what I'll call, Johnny Depp Syndrom.

Man, Tim has Johnny Depp Syndrome....
by Sigjap April 06, 2011
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Here is what I think about Mister Johnny Depp, He is an Innocent Genius Who will one day be Magnificent in The Theater Industry. I loved seeing Him walk by Stain Glass Windows as a Kid in 21 Jump Street over Time...Anyways, I ment to say this in the Best Way...but I had some infinitely beautiful dreams of Johnny Depp..Johnny Depp is welcome to Find me with Rainbows...and If he is Single..He could be my "Hot..Hot...Hot..." Boyfriend who astounded everyone one day with his Infinite Talent...
Johnny Depp " Film Star!! :) * "What If I had to Prove this..I would say...I interpret johnny Depp thinking about what people say in his Creative Films..
by Erin Rachel Young September 08, 2006
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The haredest contest between actors ever...in the history of the world!
Both are extremely hot, both are talented, and both are married to me.
Me: Hey who do you think is hotter Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio?

Friend:So it's like a Johnny Depp vs Leonardo DiCaprio?

Me: Yup

Friend: Dude...I have no idea! It's so hard to choose!

Me: I know right!
by Otter Girl April 24, 2010
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When you smoke so much weed that you walk like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Woah dude... Clark got so smoked last night that he Johnny Depped all the way back to his house.
by Yoipman5000 April 04, 2019
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A leo rising person celebrity who has a powerful arudha lagna in his chart
by Raymanavich December 24, 2020
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Johnny Depp is a Murderer who killed Anthony Fox. A Team Member's of Depp is also Money Laundering.
Anthony Fox in 2001 was going to testify against Depp, days before he went missing when Fox would have won the lawsuit.

Fox's case likely would have shown that Depp and his team were Money Laundering. Sounds like RICO Act is next on the list.
Johnny Depp Murders Anthony Fox, and tries to Murder Amber Heard. Money Laundering and Organized Crime with RICO Act is serious. Staff are still intimidated years later about going 'missing'
by Camera Roy September 19, 2021
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