Taking a huge shit on your partners side of the bed and leaving it for them to discover after an argument.
"I left him an Amber Turd this morning after he called me a bitch"

"You'll get an Amber Turd for that one!"
by Smackmesoftly April 23, 2022
Reference to Amber Heard's photo that she texted to Johnny Depp during their divorce showing a huge piece of human feces on his bed, complete with wipe marks on the white sheets. She claimed it was from his 4 pound teacup yorkie. Looked like Mike Tyson might have left it.
When you suddenly realize that you'll be known forever as "Amber, the batshit-crazy bed shitter", aka Amber Turd.
by Saka Hoki April 22, 2022
A large walking, breathing pile of feces that was created by dark magics. She wears a human disguise of Amber Heard, but is really a living demonic turd. It lives off cheap booze and coke and was created only to ruin lives of successful men.

Wears a ton of cheap makeup and a blonde wig to fit in.
Amber Turd is like a leech or infection unlike the sexy counter part, the succubus who is a magical enchanting breathe taking beauty who sucks out your soul.
"Beware in Hollywood of who you hire!" "Do extended background checks and drug tests to avoid an Amber Turd infection!"
"Make sure to check the woman's hair, if its blonde scan them to make sure its human or a demon turd human."
by ravenscar February 28, 2021
Bruh, we should try getting google to autocorrect to "Amber Turd" instead of "Amber Heard" because she is one
by IntriguingKid November 14, 2020
The most evil, abusive, nastiest actress ever. Amber Turd (amber heard) pooped on Johnny Depp's bed then went to Coachella. Then blamed it on their tea cup Yorkies who can't even take a shit that big. 🛏️💩👧🏼
Amber Turd took a dump on my pillow!
by centipedes are scary April 28, 2022
Amber Turd (Amber Heard) is a horrible husband-beater that got Johnny Depp fired because she's a fucking asshole.
Fuck Amber Turd.
by coolkitten686 November 30, 2020
One of the evilest actresses ever,

she is best known for abusing Jonny Depp and taking a shit in his bed.
She said that jonny abused her, which is obviously a lie, but Warner bros fired Jonny anyway.
Warner bros should rehire Jonny Depp, fire Amber heard and make a public apology.
Amber Turd is evil.
by lordgrim the invcbke November 10, 2020