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When you have an INTENSE celebrity crush on Johnny Depp. This could include kissing pictures of him, going to all his premieres and putting posters in your room.
A mom: I think Anna has Johnny Depp Syndrome. She kisses all his pictures, looks him up EVERYWHERE on social media, and cannot stop talking about it. What should I do?

Doctor: Sorry, but for most cases there is no cure. It won't fade. This will be with Anna all her life. I'm sorry. It shouldn't affect her too much though. She will probably go to an online community and relate to other people. He is very attractive though.

Anna: I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP! Baby I wanna kiss your lips sometime tonight. I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP! (to the tune of the song Cheap Thrills by Sia)
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by BabyIt'sColdOutside November 14, 2018
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When a straight man sees another man that is so cute, he would go gay for that one particular man.
Johnny Depp is so freakin' cute, I would totally turn gay for him. I think I'll diagnose him with what I'll call, Johnny Depp Syndrom.

Man, Tim has Johnny Depp Syndrome....
by Sigjap April 06, 2011
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