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Johnchris is a name that can only be described as out of this world the man himself is a legend a superhuman he can without a doubt fuck any girl he wants yours his or my girl they all belong to him we are just borrowing them he is so amazing he can see when your about to hate on him and curve it like a punch thrown from Conner mcgregger he is the best fighter in the world no man can beat him but he is so strong he wishes not to use violence his words are like honey to your ears he can have you wiping his ass with your own paycheck if he wishes his life is like a story that can only be written by Shakespeare because of how poetic it is his story would have to be told by different people with the best knowledge in their fields for the funny parts of his life Adam Sandler would be required to narrate for his charisma only Matthew McConaughey could tell that his adventures well only the great Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson could speak of Johnchris is so talented he once made a girl cum with his cock while he was soft he has eyes that can switch color from ocean blue to sea green he can speak every language known to man even the dead ones he taught King Arthur how to use Excalibur he can beat Chuck Norris, Bruce lee, Jet lee, Ip man, and Jackie Chan at the same time with one hand behind his back his cock is so huge it is what causes the earthquakes in California and the tsunamis in Asia and the hurricanes on the coast
Madi: I want Johnchris to make me his girlfriend I can't imagine life without him. Abbie: Me too I want him to make me whatever he wants .
by Wolfwalker December 28, 2017
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