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A fucking trash dump of cancerous fucking nitric acid.
The teachers here are fucking morbidly obese and the main bullies are either poor kids or the teachers. Most of my teachers were assholes to me, and I'm pretty sure it caused me to have a lot of problems with authority. I had and still do have mild autism and the teachers didn't care. They just treated me like the shit that comes out of their fat ass after they're done eating the dreams of children. The recess teachers don't even let you make gun noises outside and run around like most 10 year olds do. You get yelled at. The fucking school is microscopic and since I left they painted the school walls fucking neon and it looks like a fucking discotech.
John Weldon Elementary School is fucking misery, and caused me to have a lot of depression and anger. I cried because the teachers embarrassed me. I wanted to die.
by Satan-ui Yeomso July 01, 2016
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