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1. Probably the worst Governor in Ohio history. Wants to cut public workers' rights for collective bargaining, yet he appoints all of his cronies to his cabinet, and gives them all raises.

2. A typical Republican.
John Kasich is a pathetic excuse of a man.

John Kasich says that a police officer treated him like crap when he was pulled over, yet the video clearly shows the opposite. He then proceeds to call the officer an idiot later on when campaigning.
by FcktheGOP November 03, 2011
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Possibly the greatest governor in Ohio history. He has cut taxes, created jobs, and reduced regulations, saving Ohio from the failure of former Governor Ted Steickland. He ran for president in 2016, and although he lost, he competed with dignity and compassion, setting the example for what a true presidential candidate should look like.
by KasichFan23 January 04, 2017
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