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A unique, energetic band consitsting of 5 talented members with influences ranging from metal, hardcore, jazz, progressive, etc. Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the quintet released there E.P. entitled "Epigrammatic" in March of 2009 through Ihava Studios. Their increasing populatrity has done them well as they are discussing deals with established labels and distrobution companies.

"We really enjoy John Fonda over here at the station"
-Tommy Conwell, 94WYSP
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A term used to smear a bonafide war hero who, contrary to what the fuhrer would like his flock to believe, was indifferent to the whole hippie movement and wasn't even very close to Jane Fonda at all. Also a term used to describe someone whose actual records and actions, although confirmed by the navy and readily on display on their campaign site, is endlessly contradicted by a bunch of people who weren't even there and villified by others who are too lazy to check for themselves (see Bush voter). Anyone who suffers reputational losses due to slander.
Although the surveillance tape clearly showed Tommy taking the first swing, Andy ended up being the John Fonda and was suspended for fighting.
by Squid Wrangler March 28, 2005
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It means "John Kerry" because he's politically the same as Jane Fonda (communist) only far less apologetic about it.
John Kerry thinks terrorism is the same as prostitution and gambling.
by Kerry is an airhead waffle boy October 12, 2004
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