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Character in the web comic Homestuck. Also known as Zoosmell Pooplord. Has a man-crush on Nicolas Cage and a minor obsession with Con Air. Is friends with Jade Harley, Dave Strider and Rose Lalonde. Hates the batter witch.
Karkat: Do the windy thing.
John Egbert: The what?
by annularPhysicist December 22, 2011
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John Egbert, the first character introduced in homestuck, is a 13 year old male with the birthday 4/13. Also known as John Egderp, DORK, FUKING EGBERT, Joooooooohn, and rING THIEF
"Hey look it's fucking John Egbert"
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by SeerOfBreath May 07, 2018
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A character from the webcomic Homestuck.
John Egbert is an absolute idiot who some how managed to die and reach the god tier of 'Heir of Breath", which then caused him to be useful. He enjoyed fucking around with time and space when he got the chance. Look on some random pages in the comic, you'll find his hand in the background.
Person 1(who has clearly never read Homestuck to be asking this question): Who's your favourite character from Homestuck?
Person 2: I don't know.. John Egbert? Honestly there's too many characters to just pick one.
by CuriousAuthor July 18, 2017
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