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Joeluck (pronounced: JOHL-luk) is a rare and powerful form of luck that can be either good or bad. It is neither the positivity nor negativity that define Joeluck, but the sheer extremity and awesome power that it wields. Joeluck is often found in accordance with Joels.
a person who is a Joel: "A pigeon just so happened to keel over and die at the exact moment that I passed under the branch on which it was perched. It landed on top of my head and released its bowels one last time."

random dude whom with Joel is sharing his pointless story: "That's disgusting, man."

the Joel: "Yeah but as I stood frozen in disgust and disbelief, a lightning bolt came out of the clear blue sky and struck the ground only a few steps in front of me. It surely would have killed me AND ruined the bag of popping corn kernels inside my pocket had I not been struck by that dead bird."

the random dude: "No kidding! Man, that is some serious Joeluck! Hey, I just found out that I inherited $400,000 and I want to split it with you for no reason."

the Joel: "Sweet."

then the random dude uncontrollably snaps out of nowhere and kills the Joel.
by BatJoel August 21, 2011
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