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Jodok is a type of Asian footwear, generally made for males with foot fettishes, ranging from erotic neon colours to intriguing multi-dimensional patterns.

Jodok's tend to be beings that embody a very masculine physique, known for arousing the attention of many young women. They're known for being well-endowed, usually known as having "Extra-Large Samoan Packages", and frequently okver-abuse sexual activity. They are attracted to a very specific type of girl; exotic, mixed race, and girl's who emcompass a certain Latina sassy spice to them.

Jodok's are untrustworthy in relationships, as in the long run they have a wandering eye, which when welcomed by another female and an adequate amount of temptation is on display will easily turn to cheating. Many Jodok's tend to solely focus on sexual relationships, neglecting the emotional side of intimacy. They usually believe in polygamy and hedonism, dismissing monogamy as an unrealistic style of life, restricting one's natural needs and desires.

Particular numbers that are "lucky" for Jodok's are: 5, 6, 8, 17, 22, 24

Names that Jodok's might be attracted to are: Emily, Sara, Natalie, Ingrid, Liza, Anna, Latika, Sita
Jodok's are also known for being family men, and very family-orientated, enjoying being domestic; tending to shores of the household. They aspire from a young age to have children in their late twenties. Usually Jodok's triumph in their endeavours in finding the ideal woman, settling down and building a family young.
by Camilla1234 October 25, 2013
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