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A Jodie Priscilla is a girl who is known to be very cute. Her personality is the one that grabs your attention along with her Georgeous green eyes and her angelic smile. She's very devoted to her lover and knows how to please her man. Once you get a Jodie Priscilla in your life don't be a fool and let her go. She's a keeper for sure but you got to reassure her that she's the one you want. That you will be faithful to her and then damn she be loving you making you feel like you are in heaven. She's loyal, friendly, beautiful, smart, funny. Jodie Priscilla is a tall girl with muscular legs and would probably end up being a catwalk model. She will always have them soft lips that you will never get enough off. Jodie Priscilla's are girls who have the personality and is also known to be a mother figure. She is supportive to her peers and tries to resolve everyone's dilemmas. She puts people first before others and she is popular along people. She attracts a lot of boys but she always picks the one that people wouldn't think she would choose. She don't choose a man over her looks although they would be a bonus. Personality makes her fall in love and if you're funny you are in for a chance. Jodie Priscilla is a blessing from God.
Boy 1- woi look at her go she's amazing
Boy 2- Yeah buddy she's a Jodie Priscilla see her on the catwalk one day.
by TheTruthfulHoneyOx April 26, 2013
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