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A young man of dubious sexual orientation who lacks any discernible athletic ability and spends practically all his waking hours seeking the companionship of male athletes.
Jock 1 "Sylvester couldn't make the hoops team, but he never misses a game and shags loose balls and towels so he can get in the locker room. What up wit dat?"

Jock 2 "Don't pay him no mind, he's a jocksniffer. Notice how he's always dropping the soap in the shower?"
by Bippity Bopster July 10, 2008
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(n) one who hangs around with professional athletes or jocks in general, thinking this will make them higher on the social food chain. Sometimes do dirty work for jocks.
Mike is a jock sniffer who thinks he will meet more chicks if he hangs out with jocks.
by Harold April 19, 2005
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These are the guys that stand with their arms crossed in antique stores while their wives shop. They are wearing college football sweatshirts and caps to make a point that they are sacrificing their stupid game to do something for their old ladies. They are also concerned about looking queer, and don't want anyone to get the wrong impression. It's hilarious to talk to them while patronizing the store.
"Check out these cool old duck decoys and bottles, dude." Oh, wait. "Hey, man. I'm not like that, OKAY??" Oh, Oh a jock sniffer. Hmmmmm.
by running out of patience March 25, 2008
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One who seeks a homoerotic friendship with an amateur athlete that involves the athlete being compensated with gifts and money. They can also be referred to as (boosters) in college sports.
Maurice Clarett was kicked off the Ohio State football team when the N.C.A.A. found out that he had several jock sniffers and boosters supplying him with cars and money.
by late creatay October 25, 2006
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