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A jock licker is someone who wants to be around the jocks sooooooo bad that the jocks make him there personal wedgie slave the constantly wedgie him and let anybody wedgie him they also make him do very embarrassing things like come to school in a wet diaper and then pants him in the hallway or put his lunch down his underwear and give him a messy wedgie they also make him do there work and he lets them do all this because he wants to be with the jocks
Hey did you see the jock licker getting a bouncing messy wedgie, yah I did later I saw him in the nurses office after the jocks peed on him and made him tell the nurse the that he wet himself and then she put him in a diaper and called his mom.
by I get daly wedgies April 21, 2015
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Someone who is so obsessed with the popular kids at school that they will lick the jock's jock just to be noticed by them, or because they really like it. Also a more heinous nickname for Washington Huskies QB Jake Locker.
Dude, here comes that Jock Licker. Lets make him do something disgusting for our amusement.
by Quacky Bird July 25, 2010
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