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A really good looking girl. She will have curves until she dies and will have the best looking face. She has gorgeous eyes and lips. She kisses like a pro. She may turn out to be a lesbian, so other girls are luckier. She can get bitchy but thats just another good feature about her, now you know you have nothing to worry about if she gets in a fight because you know she'd win. You should always pay attention to her because secretly she wants your attention. She will adore her lovers smile and jokes. More than likely if you bring her out to a mall, she'd buy you things just as much as you would to her. If you let a Joceylin go, your pretty damn stupid. She'll probably hate you for a while but in the end she'd want to be friends with you. Obviously, she's a sweet heart. Don't let a Joceylin go, always hold onto her.
Guy1: Dude she's so hot.
Guy2: Probably a Joceylin. Who is she with?
Girl: Dumbass, Joceylin is my girlfriend, only I can say that to her.
Joceylin: Bitches love me. Like my babe said, I'm her girlfriend. (;
Guy1: Lucky lesbian.
by AsylumAlex September 28, 2011
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