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A phrase used by Jobcentre Plus meaning looking for work.
It is a requirement of the Jobseekers Agreement in order to get state handouts.
Most people who cant be bothered to get a job dislike this word, as if jobsearch is not performed, their benefits get stopped.
The Government assumes that every unemployed person in the country should have to work, and hence they must participate in Jobsearch whether they like it or not, or they will have to go out and steal or other illegal activities for a living.
And then the Government wonder why there is so much crime in the country. It is due to dictators at Jobcentre Plus stopping the benefits of those who dont want to have to keep doing Jobsearch.
Jobsearch is a pointless waste of time in 2009 as there are so few unskilled jobs available.
You coming out for a drink Gaz?
Nah, gotta do Jobsearch or Jobcentre Plus will stop me benefits!
by unemployed person April 22, 2009
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