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When a female, usually a filthy whore, gets double penetrated (in both holes), and each guy blows their respective loads inside. The female then stands up and simultaneously rips a hot fart and a queef resulting in 2 powerful streams off jit (cum) shooting ferociously downwards resembling someone wearing a jet pack during take off.
Slut: Hello, I need my carpets cleaned. The stains are massive and in 2 spots.

Carpet Cleaning Service: How did this happen mam?

Slut: Well I guess you can say I rode the jit pack.

Carpet Cleaning Service: This doesn't explain how it happened.

Slut: Fine. Timmy and Earl put there 6 inch veiny meat whistles into my ass and cunt and busted a gooey nut into each. I stood up and ripped ass and vag and shot 2 ropes of jit all over the rug.

Carpet Cleaning Service: Now that explains it. (pukes)
by Uncle Gary's Potato Farm May 26, 2017
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