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A Jirair can be known as a brown child of the sun. They tend to have large eyes, and it's quite lovely. Jirairs can sometimes even resemble dandelions. If you should meet a Jirair, be careful not to mis-pronounce it's name, or else it may bite you. Jirairs have very sharp teeth. If you're thinking of taking on a Jirair in a fight, you should get a 9 year old girl to do it for you. Jirairs can be seen in the wild eating an assortment of fruits and vegetables. A Jirair's favourite activity is to hang around children's playgrounds in their navy-coloured vans. They are usually not seen without their Ipod, filled with lots of wrist-cutting inducing music. Even though Jirairs have the ability to be violent when provoked, they can be very delightful. If you happen to be dating a Jirair, it probably means they're in it for life so you should get used to having them around! A Jirair is a very magical creature.
Jirair: Hello, my name is Jirair.

Kate(unsuspecting girl): Oh, it is so nice to meet you Jee-rawr.

Jirair: NO, thats WRONGGG! *breaks Kate's face*
by teamCOOLBEANS! April 27, 2009
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