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When a man inserts his penis down another man's penis.
"Hey Pete, do you facy some jippy jappy?"
"What's that Pete"
"That's when a man put's his dick into another man's dick"
"Oh, of course, lets jippy jappy"
by Andy Hayton an Ed Armstrong January 15, 2007
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a word used by the DTC during ''who dunnit?'' the meaning is irrelevant, however it is a comical phrase and is highly amusing. Usually mentioned with Ellen Grey?!, Daisy Or Of Course, Masseys Mum.
Mush: Hey, 1, 8 & 4.
DTC: Expain?
Mush: Daisy Had Jippy Jappy With Masseys Mum.
by ilovepoo June 28, 2007
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