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A condition where an in-growing hair or in the vast majority of cases a pour blocked with dirt due to very poor personal hygiene conditions forms in to an abscess on the posterior.

Left unattended this can grow to such a size that the patient will require surgery and follow up medical care to remove the abscess and plug the resultant hole in the posterior.
Most patients find it hard to accept that they are having a hole in their butt plugged.

One recent example of Jintybum resulted in an afflicted patient waiting many days after the first signs of the affliction appearing before seeking medical help. In this time the patient went from mild discomfort to being unable to sit to barely being able to walk as the abscess grew from the size of a pea to that of a small to medium sized water melon on their butt.

Most occurrences have been noted in males who spend a lot of their time, i.e. 96% of their free time sitting down either playing video games or posting on online forums. These people tend not to have much of a social life without their almost constant connection to the interwebz and only socialise with other "gamers" and "forumers" but will still regularly connect to the interwebz via e.g. iphone to make sure they are not missing anything whilst away from the interwebz whilst away from their computer or gaming machine.
abscess surgery butplug butt interwebz Jintybum
by the lord of Southfields February 02, 2010
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