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A holiday version of jungle juice in which kids in college reunite with their high school friends and throw a large party in which they serve "jingle juice". They do this in hopes to get very drunk and impress their high school friends by being "experienced" in college. However, they will make it too strong and everyone will be sick and passed out by the end of the night.
A: Dude, did you drink the Jingle Juice last night?
B: Yeah, I don't remember anything past 9!
by lookupx16 December 28, 2010
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A cocktail. It is made by filling a red plastic cup half full with ice, then fill cup half full with bacardi hurricane. Then add a splash of skyy vodka (or whatever unflavored vodka you might have), then a somewhat bigger splash of cranberry juice. Now, fill it to the top with limeade, stir, and enjoy. It has a refreshing almost peppermint-y taste and reminded one consumer of Christmas time and was therefore named Jingle Juice.
Tanner - "Dude, did you try Eric's Jingle Juice? That shits bangin. And refreshing too. It's like drinking Christmas in a cup."

Shaun - "Yeah man, it has a delicious peppermint taste. Tom had like 17 of them and he's passed out in the bathroom."
by thisisnoteric May 02, 2010
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