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Jimmy McMillan is the official leader of the New York political party "The Rent is Too Damn High," an offshoot of the Democratic Party. Mr. McMillan has run for governor of New York several times between 1993 and 2010. The most consistent of his messages over the past two decades have been the need for rent freezes country-wide and education reform at the college level. His greatest political victory to date was when he picked up .03% of the mayoral vote in 2005.

His early political career was not as successful however. After losing in 1993, his failure was compounded when he was tied to a tree and doused in gasoline, nearly set ablaze. Angered by this incident, Mr. McMillan climbed the Brooklyn Bridge and refused to come down until major news networks would cover his campaign. He was later injured during the same campaign. Sources indicate the Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart may have been involved in McMillan's injury.
"I can't play Starcraft right now guys, I've been watching the latest speech from Jimmy McMillan for the past hour."

"Hey guys are you going to the rally?"
"Yeah, Jimmy McMillan really speaks me. He wants to control rent, provide education, and allow us all to live peaceably in hand with one another in the utopia sandwiched between his muttonchops."

"Did you hear that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert gave Jimmy McMillan Canadian History for so long, he had to withdraw from the campaign?"
by Wanda Greer October 20, 2010
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