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Cocky, sexy, loud and rambunctious, a Jimmay will make you laugh at any moment and is a true friend that will do anything for you, someone you can call on day or night. Amazingly full of lewd comments and still completely charismatic, a Jimmay can make any girl blush. Jimmay's are tall, very attactive, boisterous and hilarious, yet complex and secretively sentimental. Jimmay's have extreme stamina in any circumstance, making them connoisseurs of hardcore gaming and certain forms of voyeurism. Jimmay's are rare and hard to find.
by cgonzomeat May 11, 2010
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Jimmay, an amazing boy with a huge heart, he;s caring, loving , gorgeous and you really can't get no better. he's the boy you dream of and want to be with. He's the perfect kind of boyfriend. and gabby loves him
He's my perfect Jimmay
by Gabbbbbay June 30, 2009
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Slang term for seven time NASCAR Cup champion Jimmie Johnson used by Michael Mrucz in his YouTube videos.
Today it’s the JIMMAY vs Tony the Tiger finale at Homestead!
by NascarMario April 20, 2022
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