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He was born James Eugene Carrey on the 17th of January, 1962, in Newmarket, Ontario (it's worth noting that both of America's biggest comic film stars - Carrey and Mike Myers - are Canadian). Newmarket was a neat and easy-going town just to the north of Toronto, and it was here that Carrey spent his early years with his three older siblings - Pat, John and Rita - and parents Percy and Kathleen. Kathleen suffered depression and was often chronically sick with illnesses both real and imagined. Percy, sharp-witted and highly amusing, was formerly a sax player in a big band, but had sold his sax and his dreams to take a job as an accountant. His wife's father habitually referred to him as "Loser", easily done as Percy was extremely mild-mannered. Indeed, Jim would later model The Mask's Stanley Ipkiss on him
1. who would you like to play the joker in the next batman film?

2. you know, that one that played the riddler. Jim Carney
by Phil Atkinson November 15, 2006
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