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the culest dj out foo. he aint got nobody tellin him wut ta do. he sa fly and sa sexaiii. i wish i was jus like him yknow? he gunna be rippin up da beats for yeers and yeers. and he da smartest mutha fucka wen it coms to evrythin, espesialy trivial pursuit. becuz u no wen he get started on dat, he gon beat yo ass strait up. he da best guy u wil eva meet. he is jus dat great .
Jim Jam the J-man will beet sarahs ass all day in some good trivial pusuit

Jim Jam the J-man is absoloutley dropping these beats on there bak and makin dem sound sick yo... yeah
by NOT-JIM-JAM-THE-JMAN December 02, 2012
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