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A semi-underground but not-so-known group of indecent young teenage rappers that do not fit into the criteria of society. The music they release on Soundcloud is total ear-rape and is only listened to by their friends and highly unintelligent teenagers that are either overweight or acne-ridden individuals with no prospect in life. One of the members called Uzi doesn't even rap because he has trouble speaking English and he sounds like a total foreign object when he tries to rap.

The word Jiguzillionaire can also be used to describe the groups fans or as a slang term for someone who is either over-weight, acne-ridden or a total looser with no goal in life.
Person 1: "Hey, dude! Do you listen to Jiguzillionaire?"
Person 2: "No, they are so damn lame."

Person 1: "Look at Jimbob over there, literally has no goal in life."
Person 2: "What a total Jiguzillionaire."
by Voldemort_nose August 02, 2016
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