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1. A deciduous Eurasian, usually Middle-Eastern or Saudi-Arabian gentleman who picks up people, occasionally Miley Cyrus, from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). They then proceed to change the radio when the passenger becomes uncomfortable at how crazy and how famous everyone seems to be. The Jifty Man then proceeds to channel surf until the Jay-Z song comes on.

2. When Miley Cyrus gets off her plane at LAX with a dream and her cardigan, she's welcomed to the land of fame and excess. Whoa, is she gonna fit in? So she jumped in the cab, here she is for the first time, looks to the right and sees the Hollywood sign. It was all so crazy, everybody seemed so famous. Her tummy was turnin' and she felt kinda homesick; too much pressure and she's nervous, that's when the Jifty Man turned on the radio and the Jay Z song came on.
Passenger: "Could you please turn on the radio Mr Jifty-Man"

..and the Jay Z song comes on.
by The master proof reader March 11, 2011
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