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The special kind of cloth which can be bought at your local stores *if in stock* to wipe you penis down when you have just had a good solid old wank

DUDE 1 "Hey dude my girlfriend dumped me like yesterday so i can't fuck anyone tonight."

DUDE 2 "shit man that sucks what you going to do tonight then?"

DUDE 1 "I don't know man...Hey you got any spare jiffy cloths on you."

DUDE 2 "No man sorry, I used all mine up last night."

DUDE 1 "Oh don't worry i'll go to the stores and pick up a 200pack for both of us."

DUDE 2 "Ok man catch up to you later, Put 100 jiffies in my bedroom dude."

DUDE 1 "yeah laters."

by G.E. March 25, 2007
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