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1) A common slang phrase among the Xlangorion species of the planet 'Zenon' from the Nebulon Galaxy. The origin of the term is still unkown, but many Tawikologists suspect it to be created by some fucking retard alien who cnt speka nglish. Xlangorites can commonly be heard from miles away, saying "DBIJBERGOON", or some butchered version of Jibbergoon, but dey no kool, yo. Only the original northwestern Xlangorites knew the original pronunciation, but its hard to understand because the only recording is in slow motion. Xlangorites can often be seen falling off skateboards, snowboards, or anything else with a number of wheels higher they can count. Xlangorites are the dumbest species in the entire universe. Even dumber than the shit i just took.
2) What you skate, bitch.
3) Some random fucking skate shop in the middle of Pennsylvania that nobody knows/cares about.
4) Incomprehensible gibberish.
by MATT TAWIKO O.O May 27, 2009
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