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Ji Hyon is a word that can be used as an adjective or a noun. As a noun, it is a person who is exceptionally trustworthy and loyal, and not to mention a total dime in looks. Anyone who is lucky enough to be with a "Ji Hyon" should consider they have gold in their hands, and if they love her, they should cherish her and make sure she never passes from their lives.

As an adjective, it can be used to describe an amazing achievement or something that is exceptionally amazing, grand, or beautiful. Few can be described as a "Ji Hyon" because of the grandeur of the word.

Also, the word Ji Hyon can be used when you say someone has been "Ji-Hyon'd" This means that a Ji Hyon or very Ji Hyon like person has caused someone to change and dedicate their lives to a cause because they have been influenced by a Ji Hyon.
"Look at that Ji Hyon!"
"How could I not? She's so attractuve! DAYUMMM"

"Wow.. that's a Ji Hyon wallet!"
"I know.. the best brand out there!"

"Yeah... I've been Ji Hyon'd...
by zexi August 06, 2011
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A Ji-Hyon is basically an amazing girl. She is beautiful and just gorgeous and has a large assortment of skills. A Ji-Hyon is also very feisty and may sometimes be called a "Ji-Horny". However, when she is not feisty or out partying, she can be hard-working and diligent. Also, pulling a "Ji-Hyon" is the equivalent of pulling off an amazing feat, or in general, just being absolutely epic and godly.
Omg, why is that girl over there so beautiful!
It's because she's a Ji-Hyon...

DUDE wow that was amazing!
Did you see that? She just pulled a Ji-Hyon. Amazing.
by zexil. December 08, 2010
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